A1 Sealer is a water-based coating that can be used to protect A1Creatives against weather conditions like UV and moisture. Using the A1 Sealer also gives more depth to the details of your A1Creatives object. A1 Sealer is a so-called breathable coating. The surface to be sealed must be free of wax, oil, dirt or dust. Apply with a brush, roller, soft cloth or spray it on.

The A1 Sealer is ready to be used. If applying A1 Sealer with a brush, it must be rubbed in with a dry cloth while it is still damp. Apply a maximum of 3 layers of A1 Sealer to the A1Creatives object as described above. Each layer can be applied one after the other, with a short drying time of just several minutes between the application of each layer. Avoid applying thick layers of A1 Sealer, as this will seal the A1 object. Thinner layers will also avoid the risk of whitening.

If applying with a soft cloth, one layer of A1 Sealer will create a satin matt finish. A more gloss finish will be achieved if a number of layers are applied.

Demonstration video:

Example of using A1Creatives Sealer: 

A1 Sealer has a number of advantages: 
- 1 component,
- solvent-free,
- water-based,
- fast-drying,
- easy to use,
- good UV-resistance,
- excellent adhesion,
- protection against dirt and
- effective protection against moisture.

- Minimum processing temperature: 10°C
- Average coverage: 8-10 m2 per litre 
- Storage: Store frost-free and away from direct sunlight